Sun, September 10th, 2017

As you step into Ministry of Crab one of the first things to catch your eye will be the large, brightly coloured newspaper front pages that adorn the windows. These newspaper mock-ups have been synonymous with Ministry of Crab’s identity almost since its inception. They cleverly tie – in with the ‘Ministerial’ name and the official aura that the old Dutch Hospital lends to the restaurant.


The window posters were initially created out of amusement, but also communicate several unique aspects that are associated with the restaurant, such as the importance of black pepper, the uniqueness of the chilli crab and local liquor through Small island iced tea for example. Starting with the ‘Daily Crab’ modelled on the ‘Daily News’, the posters went on to feature ‘The Crab Post’, ‘The Crab Street Journal’ and ‘The International Crab Tribune’ based on popular international newspapers. Interestingly some of the editors of these publications have dined at Ministry of Crab and have greatly enjoyed not only the food, but also the posters. The latest addition to the MOC windows are two posters that are not newspaper mock-ups, yet are unique in their own way. The first was created from an actual X-ray of a live lagoon crab, to show that ‘all crabs are not created equal’. The second was done for the 23rd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)held in Sri Lanka in 2013, with the slogan “Keep Calm and Crab On” which was a play on the British World War II motivational posters “Keep Calm and Carry On”. This Poster was an un expected hit among many of our guests  bibs. The iconic posters at Ministry of Crab were a feature created to add to the ambience of the restaurant; however, they became much more, especially in terms of communicating our USPs(Unique Selling Points) to guests and also giving them something novel identifiable that added value to our brand.