Our menu features an array of crustacean dishes from our iconic Pepper Crab to our Garlic Chilli Prawn; the variety of cooking styles our guests experience go beyond the ordinary.

Availability of crab sizes depends on the weather gods and various other factors. We apologise in advance if the size of crab you want is not available.
The freshwater prawns of Sri Lanka also known as Lake Lobsters, are giants compared to their counterparts and it’s very rare to find a consistent supply of prawns of this size. In fact, Sri Lanka has the distinction of being one of a very few countries blessed with this culinary gem. They are farm hatched and are released into the wild, growing to great sizes in the amazing lakes built by our kings.
Prices are in USD and inclusive of a 10% service charge and government taxes
Ministry of Crab Bar

Our Bar carries an extensive beverage menu called the ‘Wine & Spirits Act’ featuring a wine list that is heavy on Rosé and Whites, which pair well with our crustacean dishes. We also carry a selection of high-end sparkling wines with our house champagne being Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin. We are the only restaurant in Sri Lanka to feature the “Moet-zilla”, a 9-litre Moët & Chandon Impérial Salmanazar.

Our co-founder Kumar Sangakkara’s affinity for Single Malt led to the creation of our Single Malt Collection and we also created a Gin Gallery, emphasizing on different varieties of Gin - London Dry, Plymouth, Genever and Sloe. We have opted to create cocktails with a local twist. Our signature cocktail Small Island Iced Tea, draws inspiration from the small island of Sri Lanka, combining flavoured black tea with Sri Lankan Arrack (a local coconut liquor).