Thu, June 1st, 2017

This year’s Vesak Poya Day brought joy to a group of needy children who were treated to a day-out at the Dutch Hospital, courtesy of the Ministry of Crab (MoC). MoC, together with a parliamentary incorporated charity fund, the Expo 80 Foundation, felt that bringing these kids some lighthearted fun would be a worthy cause. Upon arrival, the children had a wonderful time at the installed play area, and later they were all treated to a generous feast. The menu included rice, fish curry, egg rotti, roasted curry chicken, batter-fried prawns, pizza, and French fries. It was topped off with the ice cream cart, which served generous scoops.

The children at the Ministry of Crab


Later on, it was gift time. At the Odel LUV SL store, each child was allowed to pick what they liked out of the shop’s selection. Before the happy and satisfied kids were sent back, each of them was given a gift pack by the restaurant’s crab suppliers as well as an MoC cap as a reminder of their visit. Expo 80, which partnered with MoC, was founded by the late MP Tyronne Fernando and is now headed by his daughter Tehani Mathew. Their many charity acts have included providing a thousand kids with uniforms and schoolbooks, holding English classes for underprivileged children, giving dry rations annually to 750 needy families, and providing a Christmas bash for nearly 700 children in a preschool run by the Moratuwa Municipal Council.