At Ministry of Crab, we treat ingredients with the utmost respect. We only use the freshest ingredients and source only the highest quality mud crabs from Sri Lanka. Sustainability is at the core of our ethos, and we do not serve crabs below 500g. We are devoted to ensuring that our crabs and prawns are the stars on the plate.

The ‘Constitution’ communicates the values of our flagship restaurant in Colombo and our commitment to the quality and freshness of our ingredients, as well as towards delivering a memorable experience to our guests.

Article I
When it comes to crab, we don't serve them small, meatless, with one claw missing, or with unevenly sized claws – only the best of the catch.
Article II
We don't buy anything frozen and we do not freeze our seafood. The only use we've found for freezers is storing our food refuse for disposal.
Article III
If a restaurant serves good quality seafood, it should be able to serve it as Sashimi. Many don't/can't/won't. We do.
Article IV
We treat all our ingredients with the utmost respect, using techniques which stem from Japanese culinary philosophies and practices. These same principles are employed at the finest Japanese restaurants, such as our sister restaurant Nihonbashi.
Article V
We consider forks and knives merely an option. We have specialized crab utensils to help you pry succulent crab meat from its shell, but digging in with your hands is NOT frowned upon.
Article VI
We aim to remind you that Sri Lanka is a beautiful island nation, which is reflected in the seafood available to us. Our oceans, unlike those in many Southeast Asian countries, are clean and this is why our seafood is simply amazing.
Article VII
We aspire to be one of the lowest 'food-mile' restaurants in the world; hence we do not import any major ingredients.
Article VIII
We are proud of the reputation enjoyed by Sri Lankan Crab in Singapore - thank you Singapore! But we're even prouder of being the first institution in Sri Lanka dedicated to serving you the best of our Mud Crab here in their home country.
Article IX
Our crabs are not farmed and are wild-caught. Their supply is based on the daily catch which is absolutely dependent on rainfall, strong winds and ambient temperature. We apologize in advance if the size (of crab) you require is not available. We consider it a privilege to serve you this crab in Sri Lanka, the true home of the legendary Sri Lankan Crab.
Article X
We are privileged to be serving you inside a building that was constructed over 400 years ago by the Dutch. We designed this restaurant to exemplify the beauty and history of this building, using special methods to preserve the floor and walls. Your chair may wobble a bit, but we hope you will enjoy such charms!
The Story of The Sri Lankan Mud Crab

We serve export quality Mud Crab primarily procured from Sri Lanka's northern coastal lagoons and air-flown to Chengdui weekly.

The crabs we serve at Ministry of Crab are not farmed and are wild-caught, sustainably harvested from their natural habitat and their availability is influenced by seasonal factors like rainfall, strong winds, and ambient temperature. We apologize in advance if the specific crab size you desire is unavailable.

What distinguishes these crabs are their impressive size and wholeness with both claws intact with rich and flavourful claw meat. Ministry of Crab maintains stringent standards, offering only the best catch – no small, meatless, or unevenly sized crabs.

The magnificent mud crab, ranging from Medium (700g) to the 2kg Crabzilla, is prepared one of five ways - Chilli, Pepper, Garlic Chilli, Butter Crab or Sri Lankan Curry Crab, to best suit your palate.

It is a privilege for us to serve these legendary Sri Lankan Mud crabs to our guests in Chengdui.