The inception of Ministry of Crab is attributed to an episode of Chef Dharshan Munidasa’s TV show “Culinary Journeys with Dharshan”, which featured the Sri Lankan Mud Crab, showcasing how it was sourced in Sri Lanka and exported to Singapore to be made into the famous Singapore Chilli Crab. It was during the course of this shoot that the initial idea of creating a crab restaurant was born, as a culinary homecoming for this majestic crustacean, which had long been more renowned overseas than in Sri Lanka. When brainstorming names for a Crab restaurant in its country of origin, Dharshan felt it was necessary to have a powerful institution-like name; and so, the title, “Ministry of Crab '' was established.

The next step was to find a location fit to house the restaurant and the search began for a “Ministerial” space. It was serendipity that the historic Dutch Hospital building became available as a result of a new refurbishment project of colonial buildings by the Urban Development Authority, as part of the post-war development.

Cricketing legends Mahela Jayawardena and Kumar Sangakkara who were close friends with Dharshan, stepped into partner with him, when he put forth the idea for a restaurant dedicated to seafood, giving flight to their own gastronomic ideals. Their dedication towards bringing the restaurant to life by using it as a platform to pay homage to local produce earned all of them the monikers, “Ministers of Crab ''.

Everything came together in December 2011 as Ministry of Crab opened its doors for the first time!

After the successful opening of Ministry of Crab in Shanghai as the first international outpost for Ministry of Crab, which was well received by the Chinese guests, we opened Ministry of Crab in Chengdu as the second location in China in 2022.


Ministry of Crab Restaurant & Lounge, on Jiaozi Avenue near the Twin Towers, features two floors. The ground floor is a trendy bar, while the first floor is the restaurant. The bar's design revolves around the archangel wings, supporting the upper floor, creating a captivating focal point with dynamic lighting. The restaurant, with abundant natural light and a Twin Towers view, boasts an unobstructed ceiling with a standalone illumination fixture. The entire ceiling illuminates, giving the exterior an exquisite and translucent appearance, making BOX·MOC a standout on Jiaozi Avenue.