Do I need a reservation?
Yes, due to high demand and limited crab supply it’s best to make a reservation.
Are you open on holidays?
We are open on all holidays. We are only closed on Mondays.
Do you have a dress code?
Casual or Smart Casual. Singlets (Tank tops for men) are strictly not allowed.
If I get late for my reservation, will you hold the table for me?
Apart from the 8.30pm and 9.30pm seatings we will not be able to hold your table for more than 20 minutes and longer delays will result in cancellation.
Am I allowed to smoke in your restaurant?
We are a non-smoking restaurant, but you can use the smoking area outside the restaurant.
Are you a Halal restaurant?
We are not Halal certified, but we don't serve pork. We don't use any alcohol in our cooking either. Only our chicken is certified as Halal.
Do you have a vegetarian menu?
We have one vegetarian starter, three vegetable sides and two vegetable rice dishes.
From where do you get your crabs?
Our 500g-900g crabs are sourced from Thailand 900g up are flown in live from Sri Lanka 3 times a week.
What is the most popular crab dish in your restaurant?
It is a tie between the Olive Oil Garlic Chilli Crab and Original Recipe Pepper Crab.
Do you serve alcohol?
Yes, we do. However, there are certain days of the year that are marked as Constitution and Buddhist holidays- which are “dry days” in Bangkok.
Do you host private events?
Yes we do! We have 3 private rooms available from 6 pax- 30 pax. If you are looking for a group enquiry please email us at
Whom should I speak to about media visits and PR related queries?
Please reach out to our PR team via email on