Ministry of Crab

Ministry of Crab was created as a culinary homecoming of Sri Lanka’s iconic Mud Crab, which has long since gained popularity on and off the island.

The Crabs are the ‘stars of the show’, ranging from 500g ‘½ kilo crab’ to 2KG ‘Crabzillas’ plated up in a variety of ways from the Original Recipe Pepper Crab to the unique Olive Oil Garlic Chilli Crab and the succulent Spicy Thai Basil Crab.

Ministry of Crab also celebrates giant freshwater prawns that grow up to the 500g ‘Prawnzilla’ in lakes and reservoirs.

The menu also includes fine seafood from the Thai Coastal regions such as fresh clams and oysters. We believe that freshness is of the utmost importance and employ a no-freezer policy in our restaurant to serve you the best using the highest quality of ingredients.

Ministry of Crab Bangkok is located in Sam-Ed Building, 300 meters into Sukhumvit soi 31 or BTS phrom phong, in the center of the food, business, and shopping districts. We aim to not only provide mouthwatering seafood but also a culinary experience that you will never forget! Get your crab on, Bangkok!

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