Find answers to our most popular guest questions

  • Do I need a reservation?
  • Yes. We fly in the Finest Lagoon Crab from Sri Lanka three times a week as such we highly recommend reservations.
  • Are you open on holidays?
  • We are open every day.
  • Do you have a dress code?
  • We follow a casual dress code policy (Singlets/Tank tops/Shorts and Flip Flops allowed) in order to ensure a pleasant and comfortable dining experience.
  • Do you have specific seating times?
  • Yes, we do. Our seating times are as follows;
    6pm, 7pm, 8.30pm
  • Am I allowed to smoke in your restaurant?
  • Smoking is allowed outside the restaurant.
  • Are you a Halal restaurant?
  • We are not Halal certified, but we don't serve pork. We don't use any alcohol in our cooking either. Only our chicken is certified as Halal.
  • Do you have a vegetarian menu?
  • We have three vegetable sides and two vegetable rice dishes
  • From where do you get your crabs?
  • Our crabs are sourced from the Northern coastal belt of Sri Lanka and are export quality lagoon crabs ranging in size from 500g to 2kg.
  • What is the most popular crab dish in your restaurant?
  • It is a tie between the Garlic Chilli Crab and Pepper Crab!
  • How do you get to the restaurant?
  • Please use the link below for directions to our restaurants.

    Step 1- Arrive at Velana International airport In the Maldives

    Step 2- Purchase a ticket at the CROSSROADS Ferry ticket booth

    Step 3- Proceed to the Jetty 8, MTCC Ferry Terminal & hop on a Ferry to CROSSROADS

    Step 4- Arrive at the Marina @ CROSSROADS

    Step 5- Visit us at Unit 15 at the Marina @ CROSSROADS

  • What are the types of payment you accept at the restaurant? We accept Visa, Master?
  • We accept Visa and Master cards.
  • Do you serve alcohol?
  • We do serve alcohol with an exception to Maldivian Nationals as per the Local Government regulations.
  • Do you host private events?
  • We can seat 48 pax inside at 24 outside per meal period. If you wish to book the venue entirely please reach out to us on
  • Whom should I speak to about media visits and PR related queries?
  • Please reach out to our PR team on